Alliance for Excellent Research.SH

About the Alliance for Excellent Research.SH

In May 2020, the members of the Alliance for Excellent Research.SH formed a new association to strengthen Schleswig-Holstein as a science hub and to increase its visibility nationally and internationally. The Alliance comprises 14 universities, non-university research institutions and the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein.

About our members

The Alliance enables:

  • the further development of inter- and transdisciplinary research
  • joint career advancement
  • the establishment of a dual-career network
  • the joint use of research platforms
  • closer cooperation on digitisation
  • the greater involvement of stakeholders
  • the establishment of think tanks for current issues in politics, business and society

In founding the Alliance for Excellent Research.SH, the members are intensifying their existing cooperation and strengthening their networks in order to conduct even more comprehensively inter- and transdisciplinary research in the future.


The members are convinced that the development of solutions for the great societal challenges of our time can only be achieved through interdisciplinary and/or transdisciplinary cooperation. With this in mind, the Alliance for Excellent Research.SH has undertaken the task of expanding the existing network of members and thus further intensifying cooperation. In this way, networking with other actors can also be systematically developed and expanded.

The Alliance for Excellent Research.SH is initially prioritizing three initiatives:

  • joint recruitment and career advancement
  • dual career perspectives
  • cooperation in digitisation

The cornerstones of the cooperation have been defined by the members of the Alliance for Excellent Research.SH in their Memorandum of Understanding.

Our topics

Frau in einem Labor
© Oliver Franke, IKMB

Career advancement

The best chances for the best minds!

All members agree that the career advancement of talented scientists and scholars at Schleswig-Holstein’s research institutions is a high priority.

In order to optimize the opportunities for scientists and scholars, we aim at:

  • joint recruiting
  • opening formats of career advancement among members
  • promoting permeability in the German scientific system

Announcements of open positions of our members

Contact person:

Dr. habil. Gesche Braker
Postdoc Center of Kiel University
Christian-Albrechts-Platz 4

+49 431 880-6550

Dual Career

The members of the Alliance for Excellent Research.SH intend to exchange best practice examples regarding welcome offers for newly recruited top-level researchers. The aim is to support accompanying family members. One of the main focusses is to highlight perspectives for a new career start for accompanying partners after moving to the Schleswig-Holstein scientific area also in positions outside of research institutions.

Zwei Menschen studieren eine Landkarte
© Jan Bensien, Uni Kiel
© Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Digitisation as a common task

By bundling their different competences in the field of "digitisation", the members will address major challenges by

  • advancing strategic digitisation issues
  • the involvement of members as privileged partners in networks
  • cooperation in and exchange of information via national research data infrastructure consortia (NFDI)
  • the testing of collaborative (research) data and information infrastructures
  • the further development of artificial intelligence applications